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Web developers

     Web developers that use PVF Server to host their sites can use any scripting language. For this, you must have the compiler or interpreter for that language. You can also use multiple languages (for example you can create a page using perl and another page using php).
     To register a certain scripting language, you must follow these steps:

  1. Select the HTTP Server (if you don't have an HTTP Server add one now and select it)
  2. Add a new object called "Scripts"
  3. Add the file extension that you want (for perl, the extension is "pl"; for php the extension is "php" ....)
  4. Select the new object and add a variable called "compiler". Here you must enter the path to your compiler or interpreter.

     Now you are ready to use scripts. If something doesn't work well, you can use more options to make it run. If your compiler requires some arguments, put them by using the appropriate variables. Also, please note that the interpreter will not have access to the system environment variables, so if it requires environment variables you must put them by adding the "Environment" object and then adding each variable manually.

     You can also use java classes. To enable classes add the command "ExecuteClasses" to the "Scripts" object of your server. After doing this, all files with a ".class" extension found in the site directories will be executed when required.
      Those class files must extend the "pvf.site.PVFSite" base class. The server does not support yet "javax.servlet", but in the future there will be added support for this. If you are interested in developing classes for the server take a look at the
API Documentation.

      You can use a class as an interpreter for some files. For this follow the same steps required for adding a script and for compiler use the "CompilerClass" variable and select your class. This class must extend the PVFSite base class. This facility will remain in the future and it may be extended if the users are interested in this.

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      If you like PVF Server you should also visit my site http://pvf.cbi.ro.
     Here you can find some more information regarding this project, and also some things about my other projects.

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