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    If you have problems with PVF Server and you want to ask someone you should visit the contact page . However you should first read these few lines.
    PVF Server is an open source program distributed under the GPL license. The author is not under any obligation to provide assistance or troubleshooting with any installation or use. However, I try to answer to all the e-mails that I receive (if I can, of course). But sometimes I receive a lot of e-mails and I can not read them all, so you should first ask your questions in the available message boards.
    Generally, you will receive answers only if you work with the official release version of the PVF Server. If you have a version modified by third parties, you should ask them! If you work with a version modified by yourself, then you should ask your questions as a "Server developer".

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      If you like PVF Server you should also visit my site http://pvf.cbi.ro.
     Here you can find some more information regarding this project, and also some things about my other projects.

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