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Port Tunnel Server

     The Port Tunnel allow you to create a virtual tunnel to a computer. You can use this to map a server to multiple ports (for example you run an http server on the standard port 80 and you want it to be available also on port 8080). But the most common use is to tunnel through a local area network.
     Most local area networks are organized like shown in the diagram below:

A simple Local Area Network (LAN)

     This is a very simple diagram, but almost all LANs can be compared to it. You can have more switches or even routers, but the main problem is that all computers in the LAN can see each other and they can access the Internet through a server (also called NAT or Network Address Translator). The problem with this configuration is that a computer situated on the Internet can not access a computer in the LAN unless the LAN computer makes the "first contact".
    Let's take an example. Suppose that an user from outside the network (the user with the laptop in the diagram) want to access his office computer (Computer A). He can not do this, because Computer A is not visible from the Internet.
    By using the Port Tunnel you can map a port on the server (port X) that will point to Computer A (port Y). Now, the user with the Laptop can connect to the server on port X and it will actually be connected to the port Y on Computer A.

    This can be a very useful tool to provide remote access to a computer in a LAN, but you must be very careful because if you can access your computer remotely so can other people. In order to use a port tunneling technique you must speak with your network administrator and he/she must create a security policy with consideration to the port tunnel.

     Why you should use port tunneling?

  • Provide access to the office computers for employees working from home
  • Use a special computer to run scripts for a website
  • Use a special computer to hold a database that is visible from the Internet
  • Test a new server on another computer before actually installing it on the real server.

    I want to know how you are using the port tunnel, so if you use it for something please send me an e-mail and tell me why you have decided to use it. If you have some special ideas I will publish them on this site !

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