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SMTP Server

    This server is used for receiving e-mails through the SMTP protocol. These messages can be received from a directly connected user or from another server that relays messages. In order for this server to work, you will need to have a database server running (like MySQL) and the proper databases created (for this you can use the "Create Databases Wizard" from the Wizards menu). Also, you must have users with e-mail accounts. Users configuration must be done through the web based interface, after creating the database.

     Warning: In order to have a working e-mail system, you must run servers for the following protocols: SMTP or ESMTP, POP3, MDA. For configuring user accounts you must work with the web configuration (either by running the Configuration server or by copying the web interface in your main site).

     This server support only the SMTP protocol. It does not support the ESMTP protocol, or any extensions to the standard SMTP protocol, as defined in the RFC 0821. This server is here for compatibility with all systems (new or older). If you want to use any smtp extensions, you should use the ESMTP Server (complying with RFC 2821 or newer).

     For any bug reports don't forget to visit the contact page.

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