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POP3 Server

     POP3 stands for Post Office Protocol Version 3. It is used for retrieving e-mails from a server with a client that supports this protocol. Almost all the e-mail clients available today support this protocol (Opera, Netscape, Outlook, Outlook Express, Incredi Mail, pine, ...).

     Warning: In order to have a working e-mail system, you must run servers for the following protocols: SMTP or ESMTP, POP3, MDA. For configuring user accounts you must work with the web configuration (either by running the Configuration server or by copying the web interface in your main site).

     Note for advanced users: The unique IDs associated with the messages in response to the UIDL command, is not kept on the server. It is automatically computed each time as a MD5 digest of some message characteristics. This has is a good thing because there is no need to worry about them when working manually with files and databases, but it also has a bad side, because there exists a small possibility that two different messages may have the same UIDL. If you are concerned about this problem, please take a look at the sources and contact me if you have a better idea to solve this.

     For any bug reports don't forget to visit the contact page.

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