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Configuration Server

     This server allow you to configure your server environment through a web interface (i.e. like browsing a web site). For using this you must add a new user with administrator rights  (i.e. add the command "Administrator" to that user).
     This server is actually an extension of the HTTP Server, but the available configuration options are very limited to ensure security. Actually the only thing that must be set is the port. The default value is 6001 (but this may be changed to whatever you want).
     The "configuration website" can be copied to another website of your choice. For this, you should take a look at the default configuration used for this server and duplicate it in your site. This may be useful for creating a domain like "admin.yourdomain.com" to allow remote administration. Also, because users can read their e-mail through this interface, you could create something like "email.yourdomain.com".

      Warning: You must make sure that the administrative user/password combination is known only by the administrator. If someone finds this password he/she will be able to modify your server configuration. This can result in serious problems for your server or for your local network. You should follow this advice regardless of the server you're using.

     For any bug reports don't forget to visit the contact page.

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