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What is PVF Server

     PVF Server is a server environment written in Java. It has an easy to use interface and supports multiple protocols. The most common use is as a web server, but it can also be used for other purposes (like tunneling through local networks, file transfer and network testing).
     You can easily extend this server to support any protocol. If you are interested in this you should read the section for
Server developers.
     Here is a small description of the available servers. You can find out more about them by reading the associated documentation!

  • HTTP Server (HTTP = Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) : This server is used to allow other people access to your website. If you want to keep your website on your computer all you need is this server (of course if you set your DNS  to point to your IP address). Read more ...
  • FTP Server (FTP = File Transfer Protocol) : You can use this server to transfer files to and from your computer. For example you can use it to transfer files to your website when you do not have direct access to your computer (from your office or from someone else's computer). Read more ...
  • ECHO : You can use this server for network testing. You can connect with telnet to it and everything you type should be returned exactly as entered. If not, there is a network problem. Read more ...
  • Port Tunnel : This server allow you to map a port on your computer to another port on the same computer or on another computer. The most common use is to allow a local computer to be contacted from the Internet. For this you will need to map a port on the server to a port on the local computer. Read more ...
  • Configuration Server : This server is used to configure the entire server environment and  read e-mails through an web interface. Read more ...
  • SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) : Used for receiving e-mail. Together with the POP3 and MDA servers will allow e-mails to be received and transferred. Read more ...
  • POP3 (Post Office Protocol version 3) : Used by users for accessing their e-mails with a POP3 client like Netscape, Outlook Express, IncrediMail, Opera and others. Read more ...
  • MDA (Mail Delivery Agent) : This is not really a server (it is not using any port for accepting incoming connections). It is used for transferring emails received with various protocols to the users mailboxes. Read more ...

     After reading the documentation if you still have questions you should take a look at the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) and, after that, if you still have questions don't hesitate to contact me.

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      If you like PVF Server you should also visit my site http://pvf.cbi.ro.
     Here you can find some more information regarding this project, and also some things about my other projects.

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