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August 15,2003

Version 2.1 is available for download.

July 1,2003

    Version 2.0 was finally released. At this time I was unable to find any bugs. Also you should note that all future releases will only extend those classes (no more big jumps will be made).
     A new site was posted on the server. I hope that now you can find a lot easier the info you're looking for. You can still browse the old site here.

June 2,2003

Version 2.0 is ready. I will not post it yet because I want to make extensive tests to see if all the servers are bug free. Also, I must make a new site!

May 20,2003

There will not be a version 1.4. Since I've made a lot of changes, I've decided to make a version 2.0 that will be available very soon.

April 16,2003

While I was working on version 1.4, I decided that I must change some existing methods. This will probably mean that the next release will not be compatible with the old ones.

March 25,2003

Version 1.3 was released.

March 2,2003

A new site was released. You can still browse the old site here.

February 10,2003

Version 1.2 was released with minor adjustments.

January 28,2003

Version 1.1 was released.

January 3,2003

The first release was posted along with the first site.

December 31, 2002

Today at 12:03 I received a message from SourceForge.net saying that the project was approved for hosting on their servers.

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      If you like PVF Server you should also visit my site http://pvf.cbi.ro.
     Here you can find some more information regarding this project, and also some things about my other projects.

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