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PVFServerarrow03b.gif You can use this server on any system that support Java (Windows / Linux / MacOS / BeOS) and you don't need to change the settings when installing a new operating system.
arrow02b.gif This server supports a lot of protocols (HTTP, FTP, echo, port tunneling, SMTP, POP3) and you can easily implement a new protocol simply by extending a base class. The server can be easily configured through a easy to use web based interface.
arrow04b.gif It is open source. This mean that you can download the full source and modify it. For more information please read the Server Developer documentation. Also, take a look at the License Agreement (GPL).
arrow07b.gif Integration with MySQL databases. The server can store its configuration in a file or in a database. At this version the server comes with full support for MySQL databases situated locally (on the same computer as the PVF Server) or on other computer in a network or even over the Internet. The server is not limited to MySQL databases. You can use any kind of database if you have the proper driver (including Microsoft's SQL Server).

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