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  There are two kinds of PVF Server Developers :

  • Web developers: They develop servlets that can be executed by the server. These servlets are java classes that do the functions of a server side script.
  • Server developers: They write new modules for the PVF Server or improve existing ones. Also, they are responsible for translating the existing documentation, creating graphics and writing new documentation.

    If you are interested in developing software based on the PVF Server please read first the documentation found on this site. Also you should take a look at the License. If you put on your site software developed for/using the PVF Server, you should tell me and I'll include a link to your site on this site (for this you must place a link also). If you are looking for logos click here.

    Even if you want to start immediately as a developer, you should probably first take a look at the user documentation. This will allow to see what you can or can not do with this server.

    For any questions or comments visit the contact page.

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      If you like PVF Server you should also visit my site http://pvf.cbi.ro.
     Here you can find some more information regarding this project, and also some things about my other projects.

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